World Stories: International Reporters 31. Oct. 2014 | World Stories

Barroso attacks British PM as he prepares to bow out

Patent Reluctance | Business Brief

From Cairo streets to Indian villages, meet the life-changing WISE winners – learning world

The magic of Mozart’s ‘Seraglio’ at the Paris Opera – musica

‘Special lady’ Conchita Wurst to head Crazy Horse show in Paris – le mag

Commission’s spokespeople say goodbye

Violence erupts across West Bank over limited access to Al Aqsa mosque

EU welcomes Orban’s scrapping of Internet tax

Car + Helicopter + Airplane = SkyCruiser. It’s Electric And Fast!

Burkino Faso’s President Compaore resigns

Fireworks factory goes up with a bang: amateur footage of catastrophic explosion

Hollywood museum wants to ‘educate visitors about death’ – le mag

Missing students’ plight puts Mexico President under increasing pressure

Israel eases entry to Jerusalem holy site amid simmering tensions

Catalonia, in Spain or not? The people talk about the future for independence – reporter

Hungary shelves Internet tax after mass protests

Winter arrives in Ukraine as gas dispute with Russia sparks heating worries

Spa Bath Karlovy Vary | Euromaxx

Make-up Art | Euromaxx

Ukraine, Russia, EU sign a $4,6 billion gas deal

Heavy rains disrupt search for Sri Lanka landslide survivors

Surrogacy: a form of planned parenting yet to win EU-wide acceptance – utalk

Suspected sniper faces death penalty over US state trooper murder

Russia, Ukraine and EU sign gas supply deal

Burkina Faso: Blaise Compaore defies calls to quit

Spain: state adviser backs veto of Catalonia independence vote

Jerusalem: Al-Aqsa mosque repoens

Hooligans vs Salafists: Battlefield Germany | Quadriga

Twilight’s Mia Maestro launches bilingual debut album – le mag

Poland quizzes Polanski over US extradition plea

Ireland: Breaking the cycle of violence | Focus on Europe

France: The principality of Laàs en Béarn | Focus on Europe

Belgium: The “Sharia4Belgium” terror trial | Focus on Europe

Volcano House in Iceland | Euromaxx

Job training for young people | Business Brief

Little hope of finding survivors in deadly Sri Lanka landslide

Burkina Faso parliament burned amid protests over power extension

Sweden officially recognises the State of Palestine

Israeli security and Palestinians clash in East Jerusalem

First footage of ‘transformer’ flying car prototype lands in Austria

France says ‘conditions not met’ for Mistral warship delivery to Russia

Having a whale of a time: stunning footage of white whale giving birth

Russia and Ukraine fail again to agree deal on gas

Thousands march in Burkina against president’s re-election bid

Jewish right-wing activist is shot by unknown gunman

Egypt clears homes to make Gaza buffer zone

Secularists win Tunisia election

Kurdish convoy expected in Kobani

Obama confident healthcare workers can ‘snuff out’ Ebola outbreak

NATO accuses Russian bombers of flying close to its airspace

Burkina Faso: Protests against president

Lava bubbles its way towards homes in Hawaii

Federal Reserve pronounces end of a QE-era – economy

Insight Germany: American Actress Eve Slatner | Insight Germany

Peshmerga fighters set out to bolster efforts against IS | Journal

Bangladeshi opposition leader sentenced to death | Journal

Panic at protest: Stampede as Burkina police fire tear gas into crowd

LifeLinks: #drugtrap

Barroso says “adeus” after 10 years

At the #NES Table: Jean-Luc Vanraes

Home-Grown Tax Haven | Business Brief

US freight rocket explodes on launch | Journal

Present it! The Ford Mondeo | Drive it!

After the Stress Test – What happens now? | Made in Germany

Vintage! The VW Beetle | Drive it!

Test it! The Citroen C1 | Drive it!

Taste it! The BMW i3 | Drive it!

Falling Walls – Turbo-feed for cows | Made in Germany

The ECB and its New Glass Palace | Made in Germany

Disenchanted – Bad marks for Austrian banks | Made in Germany

The Irish, Debts and the Bad Bank | Made in Germany

Andy Warhol’s ‘Cars’ | Euromaxx

Video: Lava distruction creeps towards village, Hawaii evacuation fears

Tsunami: How To Alert In Time And Save Lives? – Futuris

How Much Time To Escape Tsunami? – Do You Know?

Antares Rocket Explodes At Liftoff

Close-up footage as NASA Antares rocket explodes seconds after takeoff

Zambia President Michael Sata dies in hospital in London

Obama backs quarantine plans for soldiers after Ebola missions

Clashes in Burkina Faso during protest against president

Hungary: Internet tax draws thousands out in protest

Peshmerga relief operation finally en route to Kobani

First Battle of Ypres anniversary marked

NASA rocket explodes after launch, creating fear over ISS supplies shortage

Turkey: Miners trapped 300 metres underground

Further Forensic results due following death of French protester

Iraqi peshmerga head to Syria to fight IS | Journal

No way, José! Barroso bows out with swipe at UK’s Cameron over EU bill row

France, Italy avert budget row with EU Commission

Italian president testifies on alleged links between the state and the Mafia

Canadians mourn at funeral of soldier Nathan Cirillo slain in Ottawa

Canada After Terror Attacks | Agenda

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters travel to besieged Kobani

Preserving Samarkand’s precious heritage – life

Syria’s neighbors call for help with refugees | Journal

Syria neighbours Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey raise alarm over refugees

Ukraine: Moscow will recognise rebel elections in east

Italian President takes stand in Mafia trial

Ukraine election “free and fair”, MEP delegation says

Mexico: more arrests in missing students case | Journal

France: Police under scrutiny as death of green protester sparks political row

Commission: Hungary’s internet tax is ‘a terrible idea’

US Ebola guidelines revamped after Hickox case

Louis Vuitton Foundation | Euromaxx

Pisa | Euromaxx: City

Defeated Ennahda Islamists offer to serve in Tunisia unity government

Hong Kong protesters mark one month anniversary

Dizzying speeds: Red Bull Air Race, Austria

Mexico: Four new arrests over missing students

Germany hosts conference on Syrian refugee crisis

Nigeria: Talks to free school girls continue

ISIL release propaganda video of UK hostage

Spanish shame over corruption crackdown

US row over mandatory Ebola quarantine

Spanish nursing assistant’s husband who overcame ebola leaves hospital

Security alert: man runs at British PM, David Cameron

Hollande among guests at funeral for Total CEO

Brazilian markets plunge following Rousseff victory

Pistorius prosecutors to appeal against verdict

Estonia teacher shot dead by 15 yr old pupil

Police hunt for killers of SA soccer star | Journal

HRW releases report on Nigerian abductees | Journal

Learn Real English – SHOPPING

Fresh East Jerusalem clashes after Israeli settlement announcement

Ukraine: Pro-Western parties in coalition talks after election success

Ellen Ueberschär, Theologian | Talking Germany

Commission accuses Cameron of opening “Pandora’s Box”

Ukraine’s voters embrace pro-western course | Journal

South Korean Captain faces death penalty | Journal

First formal meeting of the Prodi Commission: European Union

First weekly meeting of the Barroso Commission: round table

History of the Internal Market – European Union

Presidents of the EC from 1958 to 2004

History of European Agriculture

First meeting of the Thorn Commision

First meeting of the Ortoli Commission

First weekly meeting of the Malfatti Commission

Construction of the buildings of the CEC and the Council

First meeting of the Single Commission under the Presidency of Jean Rey

The European Commission History: 1958-2008

Global Questionnaire: Emperatriz García from Ecuador | Global 3000

Walter Hallstein – First European Commission President

#WhoAmI: Talking Roma in France | Life Links