Polling stations close in historic elections in Tunisia

Palestinian man shot in Gaza near border with Israel

Philippines remembers 2009 Maguindanao massacre

Dozens killed in suicide attack on volleyball match in Afghanistan

Six new saints canonised by Pope Francis

Belgium: Pakistani family may have to leave country over police mix-up

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Iran nuclear talks deadline extension ‘on the table’

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Earthquake measuring 5.6 strikes Romania

Portugal ex-PM Socrates spends second-night in custody

Ukraine famine anniversary takes on special meaning

Outbreak of the plague in Madagascar kills 40

Iran nuclear deal ‘unlikely’ by Monday deadline but talks continue

Kenya government vows to hunt down al-Shabaab bus attack killers

Dozens injured in Japan earthquake

Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for Kenya bus attack

Tunisia set to vote in first free presidential elections

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“We have never been so close,” says minister at Iran nuclear talks

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Vatican raffles gifts to pope to raise money for the poor

‘New proposals’ over Iran nuclear programme as talks drag on

Portugal: Ex-PM José Socrates held in corruption probe

Obama urges calm in Ferguson ahead of Michael Brown verdict

Airstrikes continue while Muslim parents worry at ISIL propaganda on home front

Clashes in Togo as protesters march against President Gnassingbe

Pinochet colonels jailed for torturing father of President Bachelet

Recording of Philae probe landing on Comet 67P released

At least 28 killed in Kenya bus attack

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NATO calls on Russia to respect Minsk peace agreement

Turkey promises support for Kurdish Peshmurga in anti-ISIL front

Spain: Singer Isabel Pantoja jailed for two years

Moscow: Luxury car collection destroyed in suspected arson attack

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Zarif, Kerry leave nuclear talks in Vienna ahead of deadline

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Immigration reforms supporters celebrate at the White House

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Japan parliament dissolved for snap election

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Man charged on day of funeral for murdered Miss Honduras

Protesters clash with police in Mexico City

UKIP on the march after second British by-election win

US announces deployment of extra troops to train Iraq forces

Monster blizzard kills 10 in New York state

Ukip seems set for second MP in British parliament | Journal

Amnesty report: Turkey struggling to provide for refugees

Swedish court upholds arrest warrant against Julian Assange

Intense training: Iraq tribal members prepare to fight ISIL

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Shock in France after new revelations of French jihadists in Syria

Duchess of Alba, Spain’s richest woman, dies aged 88

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Ferrari confirm Vettel to replace Alonso in 2015

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New Zealand Haka: China President receives traditional welcome

Rome: ICN2 tackles Ebola, nutrition, malnutrition, obesity

NY freak snow storm claims 8 lives: state of emergency declared

Uncertainty over future of Hong Kong pro-democracy protest movement

Catalan leader to be sued over independence vote

Police protest against spending cuts in Finland

Czech president urged to quit by protesters

Kenyan police find explosives and weapons in mosques

French ISIL militants urge fellow Muslims to launch attacks back home

Hong Kong prepares for more clashes as protest camps are cleared

NBC drops new Bill Cosby show amid rape allegations

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US senate defeats controversial Keystone XL pipeline bill

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Lava flow comes to standstill outside Hawaii town

Colombia: Police search for 23 escaped young offenders following prison riot

Iran ‘final’ nuclear talks deadline likely to be extended

Spain MPs vote to recognise Palestinian state

Hong Kong protesters break into government building